The panier which we propose are truly special having characteristics which make them unique on the national and international market. The model, which in reality has been produced for a number of years on a non-commercial basis, has been tested by myself in my daily use of the bicycle, added to that of all my friends, relatives and others that I know, and the accumulated experience has contributed in terms of dimension, practicality, resistance and structure. From this experience there has emerged a practical, versatile and multi-use product, personalisable, resistant in time and which perfectly marries with the various needs to transport material on bikes.

The manufacture is produced in a completely artisan way from the cutting, the piecing together, the stitching and finishing touches included, and I believe that this represents the true added value of products - almost impossible to find on the market today - where paradoxically also a “defect” can be a sign of authenticity and have, therefore, an authentic value.

The personalisation offered is almost total, from the colour of the stitching, to the details right up to the matching of the various colours of the supports. Clients can therefore decide to buy the ready made article from a wide range of colours and materials, or choose from the colour charts the colour combinations and various elements they desire thus creating a true ‘made to measure’ product.

The uniqueness of the product is in the fact that the panier are usable separately or in pairs and so have a completely double use. Joined together they form a double panier to be attached behind the saddle. They can be attached either singularly or in double form. When required they easily detach and can be carried as a normal bag or they can become either separate or double normal shoulder bags which once the bicycle has been parked allows personal effects and other contents to be carried with ease to places of work or during an excursion by bike. The BBR also have an elastic band inside to hold in place an i-pad or laptop pc. The panier are manufactured in certified leather and are waterproof both in leather and ecoleather versions.

Ride with style

Technical data.

Single bag dimentions: 31 x 30 x 11 cm
Saddle dimentions: 24 x 17 cm
Total dimentions: 31 x 30 x 40 cm
Single bag volume: 12,5 lt

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