Our history

leather artisans
since 1933

It all began in Monza in 1933 when Giovanni Resnati, better known as ‘Nino’, completed his apprenticeship in the historic Franzi Company of Monza that operated in the Leatherware sector. Once out of his apprenticeship he decided, with his passion and dedication for the work, to set up his own small business in which he worked with leather in general and in other various utilities.

In 1937, on his return from the African War, Angelo Resnati, my grandfather, decided to join his brother Nino and together they founded “Resnati Brothers” which would become the leather and suitcase business that we know today. Over the course of the years the company began to grow; it specialised and slowly became not only a point of reference for similar businesses in the area but excelled also in the field of formation, teaching young apprentices (the famous PINELA boys) the passion and professionality and style which would become unique. Through the dark days of fascism and the Second World War the company never closed, and at the end of the conflict up to the mid 70’s the brothers produced the finest products in the sector both under their own independent Company brand name and for other companies, studying ordered models and creating their own named goods.

At the end of the 70’s, when Nino died, Angelo, together with his two sons Sergio and Piero, respectively my father and my uncle, both of whom had always worked in the company, changed the name from ‘Fratelli Resnati’ (Resnati Brothers) to ‘Resnati Angelo and Sons’, inaugurating a commercial boom period and in 1981 the activity took its definitive form and was renamed ‘Valigeria Resnati snc of Piero and Sergio’. Slowly, the end of the century arrived bringing with it the emerging oriental market and the use of new materials, such as nylon and skai, which began to be used on a large scale completely revolutionising and changing the axis of the European market in the sector.
In particular the Italian artisan leather goods market took a tremendous blow marking a slow declline also for the Resnati family Company.

Fortunately, the competence, the professional attitude, the experience and the ability to adapt of Piero and Sergio inserted into an historic moment in which high quality leather goods became revalued in as much that the trade was to preserve and not to lose, joined to a favourable market situation for medium-high quality products, permitted the business to continue until today, working and collaborating with various company leaders in the sectors of furnishing, design and fashion.

And so we arrive at 2016 and me! Alessandro Resnati, class of 1975...son of Sergio and grandson of Angelo, artisan, third generation of artisans, who at the age of 41 has decided, within the reality of the flourishing family business, to generate the ‘start up’ of a new product, panier in leather or ecoleather, linked to his passion for cycling and cycle-tourism.

The rest of the story is still to be written!

It is not possible to conclude without mentioning the women of the Resnati family who have always been the true force behind everything; valid assistants, fantastic wives, mothers and grandmothers, aunts and counsillors - thank you Rosa, Carlotta, Carla Maria and Luigina.